We inform you that our website (the “Web Site”) can use cookies for the purpose of making your navigetion easier, to distinguish you from other users, to give you a better experience of the use of it, and to identify problems in order to improve our Web Site. In case you give us your consent we will use cookies with the purpose of obtaining more information about your preferences and to customise our Web SIte according with your individual interests.

This Cookies Policy has the purpose of inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies used in our Web Site (the “Cookies Policy”). In case you would like further information about the cookies we use in the Web Site you can send an email to the following adress:

  1. General information about cookies

A cookie is an archive wich is stored in your computer (or mobile device) using a web server with the purpose af storing data that can be brought up to date and brought back by the installation’s responsible company. That way the Web Site can gather information about your visit making it easier and making the Web Site more useful.

The gathered information through cookies can include the date and time of the vistis in the Web Site, the visited pages, the time spent in our Web Site and the sites visited right before and after our Web Site.

The cookies can gather only text, almost always anonymous and encrypted. The gathered information can not include personal information and they can not be related with an identified identificabled person.

The data that alouds that our Web Site can keep information between the pages and also to analyse the interaction’s way with the Web Site. The Cookies are secure because they can only gather information that has been introduced in the navigator by the user or wich is included in the request of the page. It can not execute the code and it can not be used in order to access to your computer. Only the web site can read the information If that web site has incoded the cookies’s information.

  1. Cookie type used in the Web Site

Depending on the organization who manage the device or domain from where the          cookies are sent and according to the obtained data the cookies can be classified:

  • Own cookies

The own cookies are the ones that are sent to your computer and managed exclusively by us for a better running of the Web Site.  The gathered information is used in order to improve the quality of our service and your experience as a user. These cookis stay in your navigatot more time allowing us to recognise you as a recurrent visitor adn to adapt the content with the purpose of offering you an apropiate content according to your preferences.

  • Third party cookies

The third party cookies are the ones that are sent to the final device of the user from a computer or domain wich is no managed by the editor. It is managed by another company which process the obteined data through the cookies.

We also use in our website the following third-party cookies:

The measuring audience sistem Google Analytics, a web analysis too that aloud us to know how interact the users of our Web Site. It also stablishes cookies in the site’s domain where the user is that are named “__utma” and “__utmz” with the purpose of obtein information about the cookies of Google Analytics and information about privacy.

This tool together with our archives of the server’s registry aloud us to know the total amount of the user that visit our Web Site and wich parts of it are the most liked. Thanks to these tools can we obtein an information that helps us to improve the navigation and to offer a better service to a users and customers.

If you interact with the content of our Web Site some third-parties cookies can be also established (for example using social media buttons or watching videos at are in another web sites). The third-party cookies are the one that are stablished by another domain different from our Web Site. No can not acess to the stored data in the cookies of other web sites when you surf in that web sites.

We include as follows the link to the web site  where you could consult the cookies’s description that Google Analytics uses and the expiration period.

  1. Consent

When you surf and keep visiting our Web Site you are accepting the use of the cookies before refered, the fixed periods and the refered terms of this Cookies Policy.

Disable and block cookies

In any case, we inform you that knowing that the cookins are not necesary for the use   of our Web Site, you can block or disable them managing the browser’s configuration               wich alouds  you to reject the installation of all the cookies or som of them. The majority of the browsers alert from the presence of cookies or automatically disable      them. If you disable them you will be able to keep using our Web Site. Although some   uses of our services will be limited and for this reason your experience less satisfactory.


  1. Consent

The use of the present Web Site implies that you afirm your express and unmistakable consent for the use of cookies in the terms and conditions refered in this Cookies Policy. Despite detriment to the disable or elimination actions that you could adopt and wich are mentioned in this Cookies Policy.

If you wanted to stop in any moment  your consent about this Cookies Policy, you should delete the stored cookies on your computer (laptop or mobile device) using the                configuration and setttings of your browsers.

Unless you have selected another browser’s configuration, our system will create cookies when you visit our website. Please keep in mind that all internet’s browsers give you the posibility to change that configuration. For further information about adjusting the cookies’s configuration:

  • Further information about Internet Explorer:
  • Further information about Chrome:
  • Further information about Safari:
  • Further information about Firefox:


  1. Changes in the cookies policy

It is posible that we bring up to date the Cookies Policy of our Web Site. So we reccomend you checking our policy every time you visit our Web Site with the porpuse        of being properly informed about how and for what we use the cookies. The Cookies      Policy was brought up to date for the last time the 13rd of January of 2016.