Tutorial action plan

The tutorial action plan is one of the main points of our Educational Project. It is focused on knowing, guiding, managigng and making easier the cohabitation between students and teachers as well as between teachers and parents. In our Tutorial action plan, reflected in the NOF, we highlight the importance of making the parents take part and involving them in the process of teaching-learning of their children. For that purpose all the tutors have a customized interview with the families of each of our students in order to establish networks of communication. In this interviews the tutors can explain the objectives set and the parents have the oportunity to explain and to describe their concerns and the challenges that their children have face.

During the course, all the teachers have at least 2 hours per week to meet the parents of our students. As a general rule all the parents attend this meetings at least once every 3 months to know the evolution and progress of their children. Furthermore all the students have an agenda that works as a communication channel between the parents and the teachers if it was necessary. On the other hand every teacher has an computer connected to the virtual classroom where the communication with the parents can be almost immediate.

However is for us of primary importance the tutorial action from the point of view of the student. Making a customized and individual attention by the teachers-tutors in all the dimensions of the person: emotional, attitude, volitional, social and intellectual. We try to help gaining conscience of the emotions, to understand the sentiments of the other people and to increase the capacity for teamwork and to adopt a social and empathetic attitude.