To be a student of LK

How should a student be LK?

The LK student must be able to actively transform society facing challenges in a critical and responsible way, forming values, knowledge, abilities and skills, with the purpose of developing a personality which takes them from the maximum dependency of infancy, to the responsible autonomy of maturity.

For that, we work their intellectual capacities and their talent, at the same time they are being encouraged, supported, rewarded, corrected, accompanied and compromised.

In concordance with our Ideology, the education we propose is integral, social, plural, encouraging critical attitude, alive and participative, secular and in constant improvement.

We support a bilingual education in English since the early age of 2 years old, as well as implementing a third curricular language: French or German. We also vouch for educational teams committed to the Project, who elaborate their own material annually in both physical and virtual format, and who collaborate in the diffusion of other complimentary material to the classroom through the Virtual Campus, space which can be accessed by students from every device. This way we achieve that our students acquire the maximum skills in a bilingual system and in a technological environment through our smart rooms.

The integral formation compliments with a great offer of activities and workshops of extracurricular character and various complimentary activities which enrich their physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and social development.

In conclusion, we want to continue shaping upright, solidary and competent men and women to become future leaders in a society that is changing, integrating and respectful with traditions and the environment.

Principles of our Institutional Project

Integral formation