LKA. We’re leaving on a trip! Classroom’s project

In the Luther King Arafo’s School, we’re so glad with our “We’re leaving on a trip” project, which will carry our students around countries all over the world.

Trought life lessons, experiences and interdisciplinary works on the classroom, our students will know a great quantity of countries, its culture and their residents. Here you are a little advance of where we’re going and how we’ve organished the visits. Every week we will be receiving news from different places, You can’t miss it!



¿How are we organishing our work?

The project will end in the month of May. Each level will exhibit its project in the month of June. In the pre-school Education case, the exposition will be done in two classrooms. In any other level it will be done only in one class. I feel like watching all the places that they ‘re going to discover!



#WeareLeavingOnaTrip : First steps

Our project’s taking form. The 4th of Primary School’s students are going to New Zealand. We are taking in advance of the new technologies to relate the curricular contents with our Center’s project. Here you are a sample of what we’re preparing:


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