LKL. Live Halloween at school!

Last October 30th, the children of first grade of primary school with their tutors and several monitors, we lived a day in which the sweetness of our little ghosts mixed with terror, in which the laughter mixed with the scares and in which, in short, the daily work scenario changed because, for our great emotion, the streets of the beautiful city of San Cristobal de La Laguna were the ideal and perfect setting to live a completely different and focused day in the celebration that, as students of a bilingual center, we had to live and experiment. And it is that little witches and little monsters came to school dressed and properly prepared to try to make a trick or treat to anyone who would be in the streets of this beautiful city. Said and done.

As soon as we reached the lines, they began to scare us and spend small jokes that were fixed, ipso facto, with a unique caress, smile and affection, to which was added, even, a delicious sweet that made us scared of love … Yes, of love! … How fortunate we are to be able to feel this fright of love!

Our way to the streets of downtown La Laguna was fun, enjoyable, pleasant and very scary, because every time we looked at our ranks we could see many little skeletons that repeated again and again: Happy Halloween !; We are skeletons!; Trick or treat !; or a strong Booooohhhhhhhh !!!!!!

The great experience lived by these who are speaking to you, the tutors, as well as by the monitors, would not have been possible without the illusion that our children transmitted and it would not have reached them without your collaboration, families, to give them that terrifying touch and special you got. THANK YOU infinite because we could enjoy and imagine ourselves in the city of terror, in large part, for having put us on paper from the very first hour of the morning and in that, you have a great responsibility.

For us this activity is an important point in the development of the teaching-learning process of your offspring, since they lived the day as real big children, demonstrating an exemplary behavior and full of desire to live and experience much more.

And how much they still have!

We promise you that this is just the beginning … Hold on tight and prepare for a course so exciting that in the thousands of curves you will cross, you will dream awake, you will see.

Thank you very much and ser hoy very soon families,

The tutors of 1st of Primary School

Muchas gracias y hasta muy pronto familias,
Las tutoras de 1º de Primaria.