Results and recognitions

-Ranking of the 100 best schools in Spain: since 2000, the year in which the publication of the annual supplement of the newspaper El Mundo began with the aim of facilitating the work of parents when choosing a center that meets their expectations. We have had the privilege of being included in the top 100 year after year. Based on 27 criteria, divided into three large sections (teaching model, educational offer and material means), it selects, among more than a thousand centers, the 100 that achieve the highest score.
Other publications have been added to this publication, such as that of the El Español newspaper and the Mi Cole platform.

- Apple Distinguished School: Since 2021, Luther King School has been Apple Distinguished School, an international recognition granted to the most innovative educational institutions in the world capable of transforming, in an exemplary way, the teaching-learning process, through technology. This distinction integrates us into a network of educational institutions that are leaders in innovation worldwide, which allows us to collaborate with educational centers that pursue the improvement of education.

- Save The Children Ambassador Center: Since 2015, one of our Centers has been recognized as "Ambassador Center in the defense and promotion of Children's Rights" by the Save the Children organization.

Likewise, various recognitions have been obtained from NGOs and Associations for their work and social initiative: Red Cross, Hemophilia Association, Cancer Association, etc.


The academic success of our students lies in their capacity for effort, perseverance and improvement. Our Educational Project is ambitious in terms of academic demands, offering students the necessary motivation to set higher goals every day that allows them to grow both cognitively and personally and socially.

★ EvAU: we exceed the average university entrance grades every year, obtaining annual recognition from the University of La Laguna for the best records
★ PISA: we are proud of the results obtained by the PISA tests carried out in our Center, which highlight the great development of students' skills in areas such as Science, Mathematics and Reading Comprehension, all of them surpassing the regional and national average.

In addition to the tests, we highlight other types of external recognition that demonstrate the ability of our students, at all educational stages and in any area of ​​their comprehensive training.


✓Extraordinary Baccalaureate awards at the provincial and regional level.
✓Extraordinary Secondary School awards at the provincial and regional level.
✓Prizes for educational excellence awarded by the ULL to the 30 best academic records that access the University (Baccalaureate).
✓Autonomic phase award of the Spanish-American Spelling Contest.
✓Biology Olympics: awards in the regional, national and international phase.
✓Mathematics Olympiads: every year we obtain prizes in the provincial phase classified for the national phase (Baccalaureate).
✓Physics Olympics awards in the La Laguna University district phase (Baccalaureate).
✓Chemistry Olympics: awards in the La Laguna University district phase (Baccalaureate).
✓Economy Olympics: awards in the regional phase.
✓Prizes in the Isaac Newton Mathematics Tournament organized by the Canary Islands Society of Mathematics Teachers (Primary).
✓Insular and regional awards from the DISA Foundation for Educational Excellence (Baccalaureate).
✓Prizes in the story contest “This is not violence” organized by the La Laguna City Council.
✓Award in the national phase of World Robot Olympiad (Primary).
✓Prizes in the Caja Siete and Fundación Caja Canarias Christmas Card contest.
✓Provincial finalists of the Coca-Cola Young Talents (ESO) story contest.
✓1st place provincially, 1st and 2nd nationally, three consecutive years, in the journalistic contest of “The country of students” (ESO and Baccalaureate).
✓Prize for the best photography “The country of students” (ESO).
✓Short film competition awards (ESO and Baccalaureate).
✓100% passed in the English tests to obtain different ESOL Cambridge certificates (according to levels from 6th Primary to 2nd Baccalaureate).
✓100% passed the German tests to obtain the FIT certificate from the Goethe Institut (ESO).

Through sport, values ​​and skills are promoted in a healthy and fun way. The practice of any musical discipline from an early age contains, in its essence, play in all its manifestations as an unbeatable means of interaction with others, achieving levels of integration that almost no other activity can achieve.

Aware of its importance, since the birth of our Institution we have opted for sports. At that time, the Luther King La Laguna, in line with the avant-garde spirit of the LK Project, had among its facilities the first covered pavilion in the city, which soon became the headquarters of the C.B. Canary Islands. Hence, LK Basketball has a special history in our history, achieving countless successes from the beginning.

✓Canary and provincial champions and runners-up in basketball in different male and female categories. National runners-up.
✓Students chosen for the Canarian basketball team. Mini National Champions.
✓Fourth place in the Villa de la Roda basketball championship (Albacete).
✓In the 17 years of the LK Laguna Basketball club, 34 medals have been achieved, being in first position in the medal table of the island clubs.

However, thanks to the well-kept sports facilities at our Centers, every year our students manage to excel in other sports disciplines:

✓Canary Islands runners-up in athletics in pre-mini.
✓Insular awards in Rhythmic Gymnastics.
✓Futsal School: children's team, league runners-up.
✓Karate School: - Tenerife Championship: first place. - Elíseo Díaz Championship: first and second place. - Virgen del Mar Interclub Championship: first, second and third place.