Managers with leadership skills, innovative and constant, positive and communicative.
Excited and happy teachers; well-educated and united in the Luther King’s teaching style. (optimistic, simple, intuitive, intentional and harmonic) and seriously committed with the permanent improvement and the Educational Excellence.
Confident students of their teachers, proud of their School, satisfied with their friends, willing of an optimal preparation, prepared to work and with taste for the best over mediocrity.
Parents freely choosing the best human and academic quality for their children; main characters of the well-balanced growth and the school’s success; constantly in dialogue with the teachers.
Orientation and Speech Therapy Office, support personnel and services committed to the LK Project, concerned with offering always the best attention to our students and their families.

Self-edited material: textbooks, exercise booklets, etc.
Virtual Campus: digital contents.
Quality scholar materials adapted to the singularities of every stage.

iPadsIn our Centres we have more than 20 kilometres of optic fibre which form our internal network, equipped with the latest generation servers, which form an internal cloud, innovating on a European level with the incorporation of the concept of cloud computing in education, where teachers, students, services personnel, supervisors, etc., have within reach numerous services like student control, tutorials, student’s activity monitoring, own multimedia catalogue of the Centre, etc.

We want to provide our students with the best tools and, knowing how beneficial the new technologies are for education, our Centres have recently incorporated iPad devices with the purpose of creating current didactic environments, creative and encouraging collaborative work as a complement to our classroom methodology. It consists of a 1to1 project, in other words, “one student, one iPad” which advances progressively from Primary 1st, encouraging our students to acquire digital competence since an early age, all the way to 2nd Bachillerato.

We have virtual libraries with more than 400 places, this is, a flexible space which at the same time can form independent classrooms equipped with light clients, teaching and research personnel, HD quality projectors, iMac computers for Bachillerato students, treatment of images and press, as well as two independent classrooms for the first Primary cycle.