Red Cross Award to Eduardo Gandía for his great achievement

Eduardo Gandía Labrador, 1st of Baccalaureate students of the Luther King La Laguna School, offer his testimony in the Red Cross Award ceremony in Canary Islands, celebrated in CajaCanarias Foundation, the 20th of October.

After receiving basic skills in a first aids workshop, imparted by Red Cross in our School, Eduardo managed to succour his Little brother from a choking very dangerous which could have had terrible consequences.

As a recognition for his great achievement, Red Cross in Santa Cruz of Tenerife invited Eduardo to the Red Cross award ceremony in Canary Islands, celebrated in the CajaCanarias Foundation the 20th of October, to share his testimony in this emotional event.

Red Cross collaborate with our school through First Aids Workshops from 1st of Primary School to 2nd of Baccalaureate, action which we are very proud of because of his pedagogic labour and after cases how this one.


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