The Luther King methodology is active, forward-looking in resources, strategic in learning and assessable through results. Our objective consists of achieving a harmonic development of children’s personality, taking them from the maximum dependency and tutelage of their infancy, towards the responsible autonomy in adolescence.

Our methodology is designed in function of:

  • Concepts defined in a clear, precise and concrete manner.
  • Procedures which are practical, intuitive and deductive, interactive and backed up on consolidated multimedia resources.
  • Attitudes which are open, participatory and solidary.

The student has the leading role in its own learning, emphasising on the development of competences and abilities which encompass from the mere memory of contents to the planning, reflection, development of the critical spirit and creativity. Actions like analysing, recognising, classifying, relating and applying to solve similar situations to the ones presented in class in a simulated manner, have the purpose of enabling students to, during their scholar trajectory, acquire autonomy and learning strategies which work, not only on their academic life but in their adult life: people willing to learn and improve during their whole life.

Our students learn by doing. For that, we design activities in which they work out all the intelligences and we try to associate learning to real situations and problems, so that the student’s work is really significant.

In this context, we practice active methodologies like the collaborative work, research projects and problem based learning, in which the students, in an autonomic manner under the guidance and supervision of a teacher, manage to give an answer to a problem by searching, understanding and applying the basic concepts of the problem, as well as the related. The students, this way, manage to produce a diagnose of the necessities of learning, build the knowledge of the subject, and work cooperatively.

This working system is in coherence with the values we transmit in our Centres and that appear in the Educational Project, promoting group work and emphasising the success of the team instead of the individual one.

Our Evaluation criteria are competent, objective, quantifiable and known by the students, in which both the work and the potential are valued. We value effort over aptitude.

In the Luther King Centres students don’t learn English, they learn in English. Once the students finish their studying at LK, they should be capable of understanding and making themselves understood in Spanish and English.

We try to deliver individualised attention to each student through reinforcement and resits, when necessary, or high capability programs.

Own methodologies