Complementary activities LKL

  • Trips and visits: Cultural, museums, job centres, environmental conferences, etc.
  • Special day celebrations and representations: expositions, performances, theatrical representations, puppet shows, storytelling, etc. All in Spanish/English.
  • Participation in contests and cultural weeks.
  • Elaboration of newspapers and magazines.
  • Promotion and participation in social works to encourage values of coexistence, solidarity, etc.
  • Bilingual program: 50% of the school day is taught using English as a vehicular language.
  • Application of ICT to the teaching and learning processes. The programming of the different subjects are imparted using methodologies based on the use of information and communication technologies (Virtual Campus with digitalised Programming contents, HD audio system with its own interactive digital catalogue in every classroom, virtual library with more than 200 places, iMac room to undertake classes such as Autocad and treatment of images and press, HD quality projects,etc.)