Facilities Luther King San Miguel

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Our classrooms are equipped with digital resources which convert into smart classrooms: projectors, digital whiteboards, iPads, Internet, iMacs, HP Thin Clients, televisions, etc.

  • Classrooms for Infant Education, psychomotor area and siesta area, Primary Education classrooms, Baccalaureate classrooms, Orientation classroom, Technical Drawing classroom, library, multifunction classrooms, laboratories.


  • Athletics running track
  • Five-a-side (Futsal) courts (4 of which 1 is indoor).
  • Mini-basket courts (9).
  • Basketball courts (4 of which 2 are indoor).
  • Psychomotor rooms (2).
  • Karate Tatami.
  • Sevillian dance and Dance classroom.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics tapestry.
  • Multifunction pavilion (2 Basketball courts and Futsal).
  • Volleyball court.
  • Heated indoor swimming pool.