Baccalaureate – LKS

In our Centre in La Laguna we impart two Baccalaureate courses with the following modalities:

  • Sciences and Technologies
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

The Baccalaureate is the culmination of the educational process in our Centre. Our students finish their second course with some broad and solid knowledge in each of the subjects that empowers them to overcome the University Access Assessment (PAU) (100% of passes), obtaining the ideal qualifications to continue their studies in whatever they want and ready to face the present with all the chances of success.

At this stage is when our students display everything they’ve learnt in the previous courses: show their Skills and abilities, using their knowledge to build new concepts, they try hard to produce quality projects, demonstrating creativity and entrepreneurship. All of this through active methodologies, as well as coping with great levels of competence in the use of information and communication technologies, proving a total integration of these.

The use of foreign languages is present on a daily basis, not only in the English, French or German subjects, but their uses are made in a natural manner in many other subjects, promoting at this stage, a multilingual environment.

All of this is possible to tackle thanks to a magnificent internal communication structure. We have optic fibre in the whole Centre, smart classrooms with digital interactive whiteboards, more than 400 computers, iPad classroom with projection screen and LCD screen and two multimedia classrooms. In the 2018-2019 course, each student will have their own iPad device (project 1:1).

When our students finish their Baccalaureate they are trained to face with success their new life-stage at University, being able to contribute talent, creativity and values to our society.

  • Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 14:00 hours. From 15:00 to 17:00 they can have, depending on their schedule, educational reinforcements.
  • Dinner: The students at this stage have a dinner service, as well as special diets, in a single turn at 14:00 hours.

Within class time, our students also enjoy another series of activities destined to develop their training aside from the strictly academic. Each course we offer interesting activities, which stimulate their interest for the society that surrounds them and we invite them to leave the classroom to participate in it; activities in contact with nature, LK hiking group, Theatre visits, participating in Math Olympics, Physics, Economy, Chemistry, and Biology, scientific, sport and cultural talks, storytelling, themed weeks, Variety Festivals, solidary activities, visits to organisms and institutions, etc.   But overall, we encourage their interests to broaden their vision of the world that surrounds them, so that they feel self-confident when, very soon, they become the main actors of their present and so they contribute to make the world a better place, taking their own decisions with critical attitude and responsibility.