Presentation Luther King La Laguna

The Luther King La Laguna, founded in 1971, is the first of the Centres that gave life to the Luther King Institution. More than 6.000 students have passed through its classrooms and, currently there are over 1.600 children and teenagers being trained in it annually under the principles set by our institutional Ideology.

We are an all-gender Centre, direct-grant school, secular, respectful with religious pluralism, and we cover a broad academic offer from the first cycle of Infants (from 4 months old), right up to 2º of Bachillerato. We support a bilingual teaching in English from the youngest ages and the early immersion in a second foreign language, French or German.

Our facilities enable us to make the LK Project come true, with smart classrooms in which the new technologies become a tool to carry our students closer to our purpose: A modern and quality education, ensuring always the academic result standards we have achieved throughout our history.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our human team, composed of over 170 persons, between education professionals, support personnel, administration and services, which turn our Centre everyday into the best environment to ensure quality teaching in all the corners of the School. Directed by a Directive Team, over 80 teachers compromised with the LK Project and Excellence which ensure a personalised, close, current and inspirational education. They, our main active, find themselves permanently updated thanks to the Training Plan designed annually according to the necessities and inquisitiveness they present themselves with.  Professionals capable of creating their own educational material, in both physical and digital format, achieving the objectives set with our own identity.

Our students enjoy our cared-for facilities beyond our classrooms: playgrounds with play areas delimited by levels, dinner with its own kitchen, school canteen, book shop service, stationary and uniform shop, heated swimming-pool, multiple use pavilion, library, study rooms, assembly hall, basketball, mini-basket, football courts, running track, psychomotor rooms, tatami, painting rooms, theatre, dance, laboratories differentiated by subjects (Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Goelogy), workshops, exposition areas, among others.

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