Shop LKA

In our LK Shop of the San Miguel School we have available to our students and their families everything necessary to cover their necessities in the scholar environment: School (class) material, handcraft and workshop materials, complete uniform, textbooks, etc.

School material: Pencils, notebooks, pens, wax crayons, scissors, rubbers, rulers, maps, Eva foam, glue sticks, cardboard, technical drawing materials, photocopies, etc. All for our students to find everything they need within their School.

Uniforms: All the uniform clothing articles are available in our shop: LK tracksuit, long and short sleeve LK t-shirt, LK baby, LK anorak, skirt, trousers, long and short sleeve LK polo-shirt, LK sweater, LK school smock, stockings, socks, tubular scarf, etc.

Textbooks and digital books: Every August, before starting the school year, the Centre organises a textbook selling campaign, with the purpose of easing families the acquisition, within the School, of the material required each year set by the Educational teams for each level.