Orientation LKA

With the purpose of undertaking a preventive action on the possible difficulties of learning and cooperating with the educational community (student-family-Centre) our school has an Orientation Department formed by licenced professionals in educational psychology and pedagogy therapy. Among other functions, the department takes care of:

  • Detection, evaluation, planning, prevention and intervention in a cooperative environment of those involved in the situation or problem to be solved: student, family, Centre.
  • Preventing possible difficulties in learning, detecting educational necessities.
  • Optimising educational-learning processes.
  • Preventive and systematic action, with the participation of everyone involved in the scholar environment, as well as the intervention through families in the cases were this is required.
  • Cooperating with the educational community, contributing to adequate relations and interactions between its members: teachers, family and students.
  • Designing prevention and/or intervention programs, which are executed in the global sphere of the child, in both scholar and familiar, with the required advice.
  • Cohabitation intervention plans between students, established by the Regulation.
  • Direct and indirect action on possible variables which interfere with the school’s population.
  • Collaboration in different educational programs proposed by the Education Ministry.
  • Elaboration of Educational Psychologist reports.
  • Document processing to the Education Ministry.