Dinner LKA

Our Centre has its own dinner, with a capacity to host daily the nearly 200 persons which eat there every day. Due to the absence of its own kitchen, we have a catering service provided by Valle Luz Restauración.

MENUS: The menus offer a healthy and balanced diet, adapted to the nutritional necessities of each stage, and are carefully designed by a commission composed of nutrition experts and food technology for collectives, who will validate them and facilitate to the families the breakdown of daily nutritional values, as well as recommendations to complement the rest of the foods at home.

SPECIAL DIETS: We pay special attention to coeliac students or those with allergies to different foods, elaborating personalised menus for them. We also have specific personnel which controls the individualised attention for these cases.

The students eat under the watch of their own teachers and other care-takers, who not only help them eat, but they are also in charge of extending education and teaching beyond the classrooms. All the personnel which looks after our students in the dinner has the food handler title, and the cared for facilities, similarly to all the process of selection of raw materials, elaboration of the menu and service in the dinner, is governed by our strict policy on Quality and it’s thoroughly supervised by sanitary controls both internal (APPCC) and external (periodical analysis of foods by an external laboratory).

We encourage a healthy education for our students from the classroom, awarding those students which include healthy foods in their daily tea (afternoon snack). This education expands to the dinner, in which there is always fruit available.

There is a possibility to use the dinner service every now and then, through the daily vouchers for the dinner which can be acquired at the Centre’s Secretariat.