LKL: Social Science project in 4th of Primary School

The 4th of Primary School students have done a gorgeous project of investigation in English in the Social Science subject. A subject that have as an objective learning about science, working on bilingualism and foment the initiative and enterpreneur spirit on the students. Also, we help to develop investigation, reflexion and learning skills, supporting on the technological resources, which with have been working daily.

One of the groups have worked about some highlighted characters which have travelled to the space, even the already known doggie Laika. We have take advantage of the ocassion to pay homenage to the 60 years anniversary of her dead in the space mission where she was sent. The children enjoyed a lot of the project elaboration. They used new technologies for their investigation, they made participants of the learning process to their families and they presented fantastic expositions in English encouraging the bilingualism. To everyone, congratulations for the work!

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Other project was based on the elaboration of an Earth mockup made with plasticine. In its, the students diferenciated the distincts slayers of our planet. For it, they used diverse materials as plasticine, cardboard or wood toothpicks. Great job!

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