LKL. Luther King La Laguna School’s teacher was nominated to the Educa Abanca Awards Spain’s Best Teacher 2017

Nieves Pérez Bacallado, Luther King La Laguna School’s teacher, between the thirteen canarian teachers nominated for the #EducaAbancaAwards2017. Spain’s Best Teacher 2017.

Press release from EDUCA:

This time, we would like to congratulate a serie of canarian school teachers which have been nominated to the Educa ABANCA. Spain’s Best Teacher 2017.

The most interesant of their nomination is that is proposed by the families, their coworkers and their students. In this way, the people that we name the following, highlight for their teaching quality, their educative praxis and their treat with the students, being perceived for them how the best guides in the adventure of learning.

Then, CONGRATULATIONS to Jorge Manuel González Socas (CEIP Campino), Loida González Montenegro (CEIP Lajares), MIngo Mv. (CEIP Camino), Carolina Romás Costela (CEIP El Monte), Héctor Pino (CEO La Pared), Luz Marina Morales Pérez (CEIP Valeverde), María Lourdes Sánchez Lima (Colegio Salesianos San Isidro Labrador), Óliver Escobar Hernández (CEIP Narciso Brito), Pedro Negrín Chinea, Rita Judith Ojeda Guillén (CEIP María Castrillo García), Lucía Esther Quintero González (IES Güímar), Margarita Espinosa (IES La Pureza), Nieves Pérez Bacallado (colegio Luther King) y María Luisa Souto Suárez (Universidad de La Laguna).

EDUCA is a platform that promotes the education improvement. It trust on the effort, discipline, constance, cooperation, empathy, altruism, solidarity, creativity and dinamisim principles, to favour the good educative and teaching practices.

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