A few weeks ago, the students of elementary school, performed a beautiful activity in which the emotions have been worked and felt very much using as a fundamental tool the iPad, that device so authentic and great that has devastated in the classroom of such course. The same has been carried out in the very interesting subject of EMOCREA, in which the tutors try to unleash the feelings and emotions that in a totally undeniable way, live and manage our actions. A student who knows how to understand what he feels is a student or student who will know how to manage it at certain moments, understanding himself and assessing what happens in that part of the body reserved to quickly detect everything that has to do with the deepest sensations and heartbeats that this gives when feeling to us of one way or another. Our heart, our small part to which always the wind comes to us that makes us, or not, sigh undoubtedly.

In this activity the students, after having worked constantly different emotions, had to demonstrate what they had learned and using the cooperative dynamics “1-2-4” had to work first individually choosing an emotion of the given (1); then in couple explaining the emotions chosen by each one and arriving at the election of a final (2); finally with their cooperative team of four members, at which time they decided again, among all, by a single emotion (4). But all this, which is enough, was greatly enriched using the iPad as an aid, since the students should record themselves (either in a frontal way or as a self) and explain two fundamental aspects:

1 st. Why did I choose this emotion? and 2º. When do I feel the same?

The tutors have dreamed awake to see the explanations that precisely that piece of the body of which we spoke before (the heart) came out to our small people, giving free rein to their creativity and imagination and focusing on themselves to be able to explain everything the one who saw him through his video, the two previous issues. The possibility of trying and testing, erasing what they considered to be of no use, also gave them a point of responsibility and autonomy, deciding, always in a cooperative way, for what they thought would give them success in this stupendous dynamic.

In addition, they were given total freedom to record and test outside the classroom in the ordinary spaces of the center and this, undoubtedly, not only opened the doors of such classrooms but also opened the mind and intention to our treasures , who let themselves be led to end up making a quality video and with a lot of originality.

Sometimes the words are over and the samples are the true explanations of what we mean. Therefore, the tutor of elementary school we encourage you to enjoy, through the screen, what we have been able to feel and see in live, all our students and also prove how the use of the iPad is being able to reach limits as unsuspected as those of our heart, something in which we already trusted since this great project was installed in our teaching.

Access to the video gallery: HERE

Seeing them talk about emotions with such seriousness and importance delights us a little more than we already are and makes us believe, always, that we are on the right path helping them to be people, before any other aspect. And it is that the four tutors we always ask, what would be our life if we were not people? We see it so absolutely important that this is precisely our highest pillar of work, our essence and our eyes when it comes to any action. Seeing them happy brings us that same feeling to us and the secret of young ladies, through the EMOCREA area, we have it in our hands … is not it incredibly exciting? For us the answer is a very resounding YES.

Enjoy it with all your heart!

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