The Luther King Institution implants bilingualism with English when the students are 2 years old, using this idiom as a vehicle language of teaching according to the different educational levels. This way, our younger students start using english at midday with the help of qualified teachers in order to make our bilingual project come true. Formative and playful activities encourage the conversation through games making our students discover and learn in English.

In the primary school, as in infant school, half of the day is taught in English following the same programme as in Spanish, or in subjects such as Science, Social, Drawing or Music.

The students of  Primary 6th, Secondary 2nd and 4th and 1st bachillerato have the chance to do English tests in order to obtain the Certificates from Cambridge University (MOVERS, KET, PET, FIRST or ADVANCED), achieving every year excellent qualifications. In addition Luther King has been since the year 2000 an official test center for Cambridge University in Tenerife.

However not everything is English at the Luther King centers. Our students receive in Primary School curricular education in another foreign language, German or French. They can continue this formation until bachillerato and then choose to take the FIT test of Goethe Institut in German. We also directly encourage the contact with the French and German culture trough exchange programs in overseas centers.

Centro autorizado Cambrigde English


Following our support for the bilingualism and convinced of the value gained through direct contact with the culture of the language that is being learnt. Our Centers offer immersion travels to Britain during summer providing the chance to stay with a local family. Furthermore in the second cycle of the Secondary School and Bachillerato we make a week-long exchange program with a High School in Scothland where a Scottish family takes a Spanish student and a Spanish family takes a Scottish student. The immersion in the Scottish culture is complete; they go to classes and attend gaelic, dance and cooking Scottish workshops. They even have the chance to visit the Scottish Parliament and do some touristic visits. A very special visit is the Stirling Castle; the Harry Potter castle.