Educación Plurilingüe Español Inglés

The Luther King Institution has opted for multilingualism from the age of 2 years, using English as the teaching language according to educational levels. Our students are immersed in the English language for half the day with the help of qualified teachers. Training and recreational activities encourage conversation through play. Our Early Childhood Education students also discover, learn and create in English.

In Primary, half of the day is taught entirely in English through our bicultural immersive project, promoting the learning of any subject using Spanish and English interchangeably.

From 6th grade onwards, students can take the tests to obtain certificates from the University of Cambridge or Oxford, of which we are examination centers in Tenerife.

However, not everything is English at the Luther King Centers. In Primary, our students receive curricular training in a second foreign language to choose between French or German, training that they can continue until Baccalaureate and thus opt to prepare for the FIT exams of the Goethe Institut in German and DELF in French.

We also encourage contact with other cultures, such as French and German, through exchange programs with foreign centers.


Continuing with our commitment to multilingualism, and convinced of the value that comes from first-person contact with the culture of the language being learned, our Centers have exchange programs lasting at least one week with institutes in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, with each student staying with the family of their foreign classmate who will be hosted by their own family in Tenerife, thus enabling permanent cultural twinning. The immersion is total, since in addition to attending classes, our students take part in different workshops that bring them closer to new cultures that, without a doubt, will enrich their vision of a global world.

English: from Kindergarten 2 years old, native or bilingual teachers teach half of the school day in English. In addition, all our students enjoy at least two hours a week of English Workshop as an extracurricular activity that consolidates the commitment to bilingualism. These workshops train students from Early Childhood Education to obtain, in due course, the different certificates from the University of Cambridge or Oxford for which the School is an Examination Center in Tenerife (A2+ in 6th Primary; B1 in 2nd ESO; B2 in 4th ESO; C1 in Baccalaureate). In Secondary they have the opportunity to carry out an exchange program with centers in the United Kingdom.