Information and acceptance of the General Conditions.

This document (“Legal notice”) has the purpose of stablishing and regulating the rules of using the web site (“The Web Site”) and refering as Web Site all the pages and the contents property of ESDITRA, S.A. (“ESDITRA”), the one that can de access using the domain and its sub-domains.

According to the article 10 of the Law 34/2002, of 11st July, of Services of the Information Society and the Electronic Commerce (from now on “LSSI”), we announce that the Web Site with URL belongs to ESDITRA, with adress in Las Gavias STreet, number 98, San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Post Code: 38206, Santa Cruz of Tenerife, Spain and registered at the Business Register of Santa Cruz of Tenerife, Paper TF-8206, Volume 1076, page 167 and with the CIF A-38.037.438.

You can contact with us sending an email to this address:

This Web Site is oriented to the general public who demand information about activities, services and own objectives of the Luther King’s Schools, offering particularly information about the schools, educative projects, educative offers and school and extra-school activities. Also is meant to be a medium of communication between the parent’s student and the schools.

The access to the Web Site its totally free except for the cost of connection to internet hired by the user for your provider. ESDITRA, in any moment, will be able to stablish some services exclusively for the clients, in that case the access will be restricted.

The use of this Web Site, also the products, services, contents or  tools offered on it, by a third-party and as a registered user or visitor makes you a user. In this regard a user will be the person who access, surf, uses or participates in the services and activities developed in the site (the “User”).

The use of this Web Site means the total acceptance without reserves of all and everyone of the general conditions described in this Legal Notice (the “General Conditions”). For that reason  ESDITRA recommend that the user print it, download it  and read it carefully when he access to this Web Site.

The User is committed himself to read carefully this Legal Notice. If the user decides not to accept this General Conditions or another specific matters he should abstain to access or to use the content in the Web Site.

The User guarantee the authenticity and veracity of all the information that he communicates, in the facilitating of the registration forms or any other future moment. The user is also responsible for having up to date all his information in order to show always the actual situation in every moment. The User will be also responsible for the inaccuracy or of the given information.

Use of the Web Site

The User commits to use this Web Site and all the services according to the current legislation and the present Legal Notice and also with the morally and the decency generally accepted and the public order.

Also the User commits not to use the Web, its services and contents with illegal proposes, no authorized, frauds or opposed to the objectives of this Legal Notice that could be wrongful of rights or interests of third-parties or that anyway could harm or prevent its correct operation  in the present or in the future.

Likewise the User commits not to hinder the access of other users to the service using a massive consumption of informatics resources used by the owner of the Web Site who offers the service, also not to take actions wich could harm, could stop or could generate mistakes in the mentioned systems.

Also the User commits not to insert programs, virus or any other logical device  or characters sequence that may cause any type of alteration in the informatic systems of the owner of the Web Site or any other third-party.

In the case that the User would want to insert comments or opinions in the Web Site he will have to take into account that:

  • He will be entirely responsible of the content and opinions, leaving no responsibility to ESDITRA, who doesn’t have necessarily to agree with that statements.
  • All racist, degrading or discriminatory comments or attempting statements against rights of another person are completely forbidden.
  • The comment with nothing to do with the purpose of the Web defined by ESDITRA are also forbidden.
  • It is also forbidden the publicity or advertising to another webs, including links or third-party references without the authorization of ESDITRA.

The user is also informed that in the case where he violates the content of the present   Legal Notice, of the Privacy Policy or both terms or particular conditions reflected in the Web Site, ESDITRA will have the right to limit, suspend or cancel the accesss to the Web Site adopting any necessary action with that purpose. Also ESDITRA reserve the        posibility yo take that actions in the situation of reasonable suspicions that the User is violating any of the terms or condition in the instruments before mentioned.

  1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility

The access to this Web Site is exclusive responsability of the User. The derived risks of using the Web will be absolutely in charge of the User. The offered contents trough the Web Site will have purely informative purposes. Likewise the acces to the contents does not involve any type of guarantee from ESDITRA refering to the suitability, exhaustivity, veracity or currently of them.

ESDITRA wont be responsible for the damage caused by intereferences, interruptions,   informatic virus, telephone faults or shutdowns in the functional operation of this               electronic system motivated by external causes to ESDITRA, of delays or blocks caused or overloads in the data process center, the telephonic lines, in the internet system or   in another electronic systems. ESDITRA wont’be also responsible for illigitimate intrusions wich may be caused by thrid-parties out of the control of ESDITRA.

Likewise will be ESDITRA free of responsability reganding the damage suffered by the user as a consequence of mistakes, deffects or omissions in the information given by      ESDITRA as long as it comes from external sources.

ESDITRA is empowered to suspend temporarily and without previous warning the access to the Web in order to develop maintenance, reparation, updates or improvements activities. ESDITRA reserves the power to, in every moment, decide about the continuity of the services of the society of the information that are offered in the Web.

  1. Personal information protection


The purpose of the Privay Policy is to inform the Users of the Web Site about how ESDITRA treates the personal information regarding the navegation in the Web Site (“Private Policy”).

4.1.  Security

ESDITRA counts on the apropiate measures to assure the security of the users’s                  information avoiding its loss, alteration or unauthorized access taking into account the         nature of the information stored and the facing risks. Everything is according to the       Titel VIII of the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21st of december wich approves the          Regulation of the development of the Organic Law of Protection of Information.

4.2.   Description of the information’s treatments in the Web Site.

According to the organic law 15/1999 of 13th of december of Personal Information Protection and its development’s regulation, the User will be informed that the stored                       information trough any form in the Web Site will be incorporated to an automated archive and ESDITRA will be responsible for this archive.

4.3.    Links

         This Web Site may content another websites. ESDITRA is not responsible for the privacy and the treatment of the information in other websites. This Legal Notice and              Privacy Policy is applied exclusively to the stored information in the webpage. We recommend you to read the privacy and information treatment policies of the other                pages that are connected to our website.

         The existence of another connected webpages does not involve approval,  recomendation, promotion or accordance from ESDITRA with the contents, statements              o services offered trough this other sites. Therefore ESDITRA will not take any responsability of the content of another connected or linked webpages, also no of the             terms of use or private policies being the user the only one responsible for checking hem and to approve them in the case.

4.4.  Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

         The User will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in the terms legally planned. For that he has to send a communication by post to Dpto. de Calidad de ESDITRA, Camino de Las Gavias, number 98, San Cristóbal   de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 38206 or sending an email to the following address:, including in both cases the name and surnames of the  interested part; a fotocopy of the ID card, of the passport or another document valid    for the identification.

         The User can also revoke the given consent for the treatment of your information, as long as it is legally accepted, sending a communication using the ways before                 described.

  1. Copyright and Industrial Property

The copyright’s rights about the provision of the contents in the Web Site (sui generis rights about the database), its graphic design, the subjacent computer programs (source codes included), also the different elements that shape the Web Site (texts, software, graphics, images, videos, audios, etc), from now on the “Contents”, they belong to ESDITRA or to its licensors. Concerning the distinctive signs included in the Web Site (marks and trade names) they are also property of ESDITRA.

The use of the Web Site by the User does not mean in any case the transfer of any right of copyright and/or industrial property. The User can have only a private corporative use, no exclusive, non-transferable and revocable in any moment being intented with the purpose of enjoying the navigation in the Web Site. According to the current legislation and this Legal Notice.

It is specifically forbidden to the User the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, make available, extraction and/or reuse of the Web Site, its Contents and the distinctive signs of ESDITRA, except in that cases that it is legally allowed or with previous authorization.

  1. Cookies use Policy

In order to fulfill the article 22.2 of the LSSI, ESDITRA will use only storage and data        recovery devices (“Cookies”) when the User has given the previous consent for that according with what appears in the pop-up of the user’s browser when he accesses to    the Web Site for the first time and in the rest terms and conditions indicated in the Cookies Policy of ESDITRA that every User must know.

  1. Modification of the Legal Notice

ESDITRA reserves the right of modify, limit or unilaterally cancel the present Legal Notice without previous requirements of the explicit  acceptance made by the User. The changes will be considered tacitly accepted by the User when he continues accesing to the Web Site after the publications of the modifications. In case of not accepting the changes the User will have to stop using inmediately the Web Site.

  1. Miscellany

 In case of any of the contented provisions of this Legal Notice is void declared, it will be removed or replaced. In any case, the nulity declaration will not affect to the validity of  the rest of the provisions of this Legal Notice.

  1. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The norms of use that are in this Legal Notice are ruled by the Spanish Legislation. ESDITRA and the User, with the explicit waiver of any other jurisdiction that may           correspond, will be submitted by the Corts or Tribunals of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, excepting when the applicable regulations prevent to both parts to be                submitted to a specific regulation.