Facilities LKL


  • Infant building: Infant Education Building, siesta zone, speech therapy and psychomotric
  • Main building: Primary Education classrooms, Secondary Classrooms, Bachillerato classrooms, Orientation room, Theater classroom, extracuwwicular activities room, technical drawing room and multifunctional classrooms.


  • Smart classrooms
  • Digital blackboards
  • Audiovisuals
  • iMacs
  • iPads
  • HP Thin Clients
  • Projectors
  • Intraner


We have laboratories separated according to the different subjects with a capacity of 20 students each refered to the areas of chemistry, physics and biology/geology. The students use to assit to the laboratories once per week in groups of 15 in order to ensure a more customized formation.

Chemistry Laboratory: they made a huge amount of experiments of inorganic chemistry with different chemical products . We hace reduced the experimentation with organic productos because of the danger of some components. Some experiments are made virtually, using the virtual lab. We have rich examples of inorganic acids, binary and tertiary salts, alcohols and nitrogened composed. At the end of the year all the materials are replaced and the list is brought up to date. The lab also counts on abundant plastic and glass materials: test tubes, precipitated glasses, distillers,kitasatos, etc… Also electronic scales of different precisions, ph digital meters and portable, digital thermometers, heating, gases extractor hood, conductivity meter, thermostatic baths, etc.

Physics lab: necesary instrumentation to study the dynamic, static, electromagnetism and waves. It presents from the typical dynamometer to the autoimpulsed carts for the study of the movement, every kind of ramps for the study of inclined levels, photocell, bucket’s waves, oscilloscope, optic carts, a variety of lenses set, prisms and grids to study the light. We also work with virtual physical labs in order to make posible to study certain phenomenons that otherwise would be imposible to do in a school lab.

Geology and biology lab: we have some rock and mineral collections to study the terrestrial materials and also a collection of the main fossils. We also made crystallization, calculate the specific weight or hardness of minerals, study and rocks classification, observation of thin laminates, as well as study of topographic maps and lift of profiles and study of floors. In the area of biology we have experiences in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, genetic, ecology and immunology. For all that subjects we count on a wide range of products like thermostatic baths, spectrophotometer for visual and ultraviolet, centrifuges, heting for the cellular cultivation, dewatering heating, autoclave for the sterilization of the means, freezer, fridge, diverse material of sampling for the practices of ecosystems and water analysis. In the part of chemical products we want to highlight the growing means for cells and another reactives for the biochemistry and the immunology. The cells are donated by the Cellular and Molecular Biology Department of the University of La Laguna. For the study of the mendelian genetics we use Drosophilas donated by the Genetic Departmente of the University of La Laguna. The immunology is experimented using some kids specifically adquired for that purpose.


– Athletics track

– Indoor football court (1 of the 4 is covered)

– Minibasket court (9)

– Basketball court (2 of the 4 are covered)

– Psychomotricity room (2).

– Karate tatami.

– Dancing and sevillanas dancing room.

– Rhythim gimnastic’s tapestry.

– Multifunctional pavilion (2 basketball courts and 1 indoor football).

– Volleyball court.

– covered heated pool, recently reformed and adapted to the actual legislation. All our students learn how to swim since early ages because we integrate swimming in our sports subject. The students attend the swimming pool twice a month.