Educational excellence

We are aware of the importance of working with a system that ensures the continuous improvement of our organization, our Institution was awarded in the year 2001 the Educational Excellence Certification given by the Quality Club of Fundel. Currently, two of our Centers have implemented a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001. In 2008, the school of La Laguna got the ISO 9001 Certification which has been kept until today. The path of the center in San Miguel is a little bit shorter, gaining the certification in year 2012.

We count with a Quality Department focused on carrying out internal and continuous audits to our Quality Plan and thus ensuring its fulfillment, helping to channel its improvements. Once each course is finished we follow the Norm through the revision by management, which consists of an annual review, setting the objectives for the new course. Each year we pass the audit made by the external certifier SGS.

Certificado de CalidadISO 9001Colegio Luther King La Laguna

Certificado de CalidadISO 9001Colegio Luther King San Miguel