Early Childhood

The global character of this stage implies that the work sphere appear in a global and inter-disciplinary. Further away than this aspect specific methodologies are used in the writing and reading teaching. In this stage we use a global phonological method where the students, through the association of sound with spelling will end speaking and writing almost perfectly at the end of this stage.

We promote a bilingual methodology since the student is 2 years old to impulse and reinforce the English language as much as possible in this ages.

Another remarkable aspect in a methodological level is the space organization, which is mixed, working in a big group and individualized and by corners, stablishing in this last aspect challenges every week as a way of motivation in order to make the students reach it.

We would like also to highlight the use of manipulative materials with playful and logical character, mathematic, artistic o related with the nature, music or environment. The students have also specific sessions of English workshops to reinforce the speaking part of the language and they have also an ‘informatic corner in every classroom’ with the purpose of making possible for them to work with he new technologies very often.

More than the 80% of the used material to develop the classes it’s made by the teachers, giving them that way an unique character. All the activities are thought thinking in near situations for the student.

Extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activities in the infant stage look for being funny and at the same time educational. Aware of the importance that all, families and teachers, of us give to the time that the students have outside the school timetable, and with the purpose of helping the orientation about what activity would be the more convenient for them. The Center offers activities called Infant Extracurricular Activities that will help the development of an integral education at an individual and group level, promoting this way the social integration.

Likewise our smallest students can enjoy 4 hours per week: 2 hours of playful-sportive activities and another 2 hours of artistic-cultural. The students will take part in this activities with the same group between the next levels:

  • Infant 3 years: corporal expression, psychometric games, creative and funny workshops and music and movements.
  • Infant 4 years: corporal expression, initiation to sport/rhythmic gymnastic, theater and music and movement.
  • Infant 5 years: initiation to sport(rhythmic gymnastic, psychometric games, theater and creative and funny workshops.

With this project it is promoted the proactive of both competences and likewise it made easier the objective selection in Primary School of all the activities (sportive and artistic). All of them are independent of the English workshop, which is common for all the levels in the school. This offer is also compatible with other private infant activities (swimming and Aloha).

Complementary activities

During the school timetable our students also enjoy another activities focused on developing their education apart for the pure academical. In this stage of Infant Education we try every course to catch the curiosity of our students for the environment taking part in every activity outside the classroom: activities like funny visits to museums, excursions to the mount, theaters, Christmas festivals, Carnival and the day of the Canary Islands, week of the jobs, traveller book, storytelling, fall party, summer party, bouncy castles, kitchen workshops, school garden, etc.

Summer school

In the month of July, after the intensive course, arrives the funniest time of the school. Our infant students have a privileged in the programming of the summer camp at Luther King: handicrafts, games and activities in English, swimming pool, beach, bouncy castles and a long etc. with the purpose that our smallest students enjoy the School with their classmates and discover this way “the other Luther King”.