Attention to diversity

The Luther King Centers have flexible spaces for the curricular adaptations with the purpose of encouraging the personal rhythm and autonomy of the learning process. A special attention is payed to the reinforcement classes for student with difficulties and also for the students with extraordinarily high capacities in the different leves and subjects:

  • In Primary all the students have 2 hours per week of reinforcement, one for Spanish Language and another for Maths, and another for English and the subjetcs taught in english. The students with difficulties take part in these classes.
  • In the first cycle of Secondary they have 3 hours per week for Maths, English and Spanish Language.
  • In the second cycle of Secondary they have mandatory reinforcement classes of Spanish Language, English, Maths, Chemistry, Drawing (Art), Physics for the students that haven’t passed some part of these subjets. Anyway, all the students have extra hours to receive the help that they may need.
  • In Bachillerato we use the same system as in the second cycle of Secondary and in addition they have high capacity hours of Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The actions in our Centers concerning the attention to diversity are defined by our Attention Diversity Plan.